Copy of "ALL BECAUSE OF LOVE" Song Download BUNDLE
Copy of "ALL BECAUSE OF LOVE" Song Download BUNDLE
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Copy of "ALL BECAUSE OF LOVE" Song Download BUNDLE

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This is for the audio file only :) This bundle includes rights to print 5 pieces of music as well as the instrumental version and the original recording. 

YouTube Video of "All Because of LOVE":

***THIS IS A DIGITAL FILE ONLY & RIGHT TO DOWNLOAD ONE TIME. PLEASE RESPECT THE COPYRIGHT AND do not share the actual digital file. Having said that, you are welcome to include this on a primary practice cd for your own primary though. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I'm so excited to share our new primary song that talks about the POWER & STRENGTH that comes from doing FAMILY HISTORY WORK! This project represents a series of small, imperfect, widow’s-mite offerings that the Lord Jesus Christ turned into miracles. I was the primary chorister this last year and really felt like they needed a family history song that communicated the POWER and JOY connecting with our ancestors gives us. This song is so near and dear to my heart. I have completely fallen in love with family history and have literally seen miracles from doing it. Even better, my daughter Quincie helped with the music and some of the words and I love her dearly! I'm excited to have the kids you teach or others also to FEEL the JOY of FAMILY HISTORY and HEAVENLY FATHER'S LOVE. I would love to hear how you are using the song and if you can, tag any pics or performances on social media with the hashtag #allbecauseofLOVE or #allbecauseHeLovesUs


Kirsten Wright


Instagram: @kirstenwrightco PRIXM: @Kirsten


Music & Lyrics written by Kirsten Wright (Mom) & Quincie Wright (Daughter age 10)

Youtube Version of the Song-Music Arranger and Producer: Masa Fukuda, Director of the One Voice Children’s Choir of One Voice Recording Studios

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YouTube Video of "All Because of LOVE":

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